About the Campground

Are your sites wooded or open?

While some sites are more wooded than others, all our sites have some trees around them.

Do you have 50 amp services?

No, we only have 30 amp outlets.

Is your water good to drink?

Yes. We are a registered water supply and our water is tested every 3 months. We have never had a problem with the water quality.

Do you have a pool?

We do not have a pool but we do have a natural beach on the lake, which is usually life guarded during July and August.

Do you have sites for tenting?

Yes, we have several unserviced tent sites.

Can we put more than one tent on a site?

Generally no. Our policy on tent sites is one tent/family/vehicle per site.

How much of the campground is seasonal?

Approximately 50% of our sites are designated seasonal.

Do you have camping cabins?

Yes, we have 2 camping cabins.

What is included in your camping cabins?

The camping cabins are small unserviced shelters. Each one has a queen bed and bunk beds with mattresses but no bedding. There is no electricity, water or bathroom in the cabin. Each cabin has a fire pit and picnic table.

How many cottages do you have?

We have 2 cottages. Each cottage sleeps 6 and is fully equipped with bedding and linens. Each cottage has a fully equipped kitchen and a BBQ.

Do you have a playground?

Yes, we do have a small playground with a swing set, climbing wall, climbing platform with a slide, play house and spring toys.

Are there available discounts?

Yes, we offer several discounts.

Campers eligible for more than one of these discounts must choose which one to use as campers are not eligible for more than one discount at a time.

Cabins & Cottages

Is there power in the camping cabins?

No the cabins do not have electricity.

Is there water in the camping cabins?

No the cabins do not have water.

What is in the camping cabins?

There is a queen sized bed with mattress and a set of bunk beds. Bedding is not provided. There is a small table inside and a picnic table outside with a fire pit.

Are pets allowed in the camping cabins?

Yes, pets are allowed in the camping cabins for an additional fee.

How many people do the cottages sleep?

Both Odous Lodge and Ruby Cottage sleep 6 people max. The Odous Lodge has two bedrooms (one queen and one double) and a queen pull-out in the living room. The Ruby Cottage has 3 bedrooms, each with a queen bed.

What is provided in the cottages?

Both cottages come with a fully equipped kitchen and BBQ. All towels and linens are supplied. The Ruby Cottage has a washer and dryer and the Odous Lodge has its own dock on the lake.

Are pets allowed in the cottages?

No, both our cottages are pet free.

Is there an internet connection in the cottages?

Yes, both cottages have an internet connection with Wi-Fi.

Seasonal Camping

Do you have seasonal camping available?

Yes, we do have seasonal campsites but usually have a waiting list for these sites.

How do I get on the waiting list for a seasonal campsite?
Do marina spots come with a campsite?

No, the marina spaces are rented separately by the season.

Are there different rules for seasonal campers?

No. Seasonal campers are expected to follow the same rules as all other campers.

Do you allow park model trailers?

While we do allow park model trailers for seasonal sites, we have a very limited number of sites large enough to fit a park model.

Do you have restrictions on the age of a trailer being placed in a seasonal site?

We do not have age restrictions but we do require that the unit be clean and well maintained.

Are seasonal campers permitted to build a shed on their site?

Generally speaking, yes but it does depend on the site and the space available. Seasonal campers are expected to discuss shed plans with management before going ahead.

Campground Rules

What are your rules about campfires?

We expect campfires to be small; not bonfires. We also expect them to be attended at all times and extinguished at quiet time.

When is quiet time?

Quiet time is at 10:30pm Sunday to Thursday and 12:00am Friday and Saturday.

Are there rules for using the beach?

The beach can be used anytime during the day. Swimming is not permitted after dark. Also, dogs are not permitted within the roped off section of the beach. All beach users are expected to follow the posted rules at the beach.

What about fireworks?

Fireworks are not permitted anywhere in the campground.

What are your rules about pets?

Pets are welcome on campsites but must be leashed at all times. Owners are expected to clean up after their pets.

Are there any rules regarding the playground?

Campers are expected to supervise their children while they use it.

On-Site Supplies

Do you have firewood?

Yes we do. It is for sale in our office/store.

Do you have ice?

Yes. It is available in our office/store.

Do you have groceries?

We have a limited supply of groceries. We usually have bread, buns and milk available, as well as a small selection of dry and canned goods.

Do you have camping supplies?

We have a small selection of RV supplies and other items that campers may want or run out of, such as 1lb propane, bug jackets and holding tank treatments.

What else do you sell?

We have a selection of ice cream, potatoe chips, and candy for snacking.

Reservation Related

How can I make a reservation?
Does it cost anything to make a reservation?

When you make a reservation you pay a non-refundable deposit. The deposit is applied to the total due on your reservation but if you cancel it is not refunded.

When are your check in and check out times?

Check in time is between 3:00pm and 8:00pm. Check out for campers is 1:00pm and for the cottages and camping cabins it is 11:00 am.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is 48 hours. That means that if you have a reservation for a Friday night and you cancel before 3:00pm on the Wednesday prior, you are not charged any penalty. If you cancel after 3:00pm on Wednesday you will be charged for the first night of your reservation.

About the Area

Are there any ocean beaches in the area?
Are there any local museums in the area?
Is there any local shopping?

Yes there are a few local shops which sell locally crafted goods and art work. Ask at the office for details.

Are there any places to eat in the area?

There are several small restaurants and take-outs in the area that are well-known for good food. Please ask at the office for details.

About the Lake

How big is the Lake?

Lake Charlotte is one of Nova Scotia's larger lakes. It is about 12 miles or 19 kilometres from one end to the other.

Is the lake good for boating?

Yes it is a great lake for boating. There are some dangerous spots but for the most part it is deep.

Can I bring a boat to use while I camp?

Yes. We have a boat launch and limited docking space. We also sell gasoline and oil for boats.

Can I bring a canoe or kayak with me when I camp?

Yes. There are a lot of canoeing and kayaking possibilities. If you do not have your own we have canoes, kayaks, and peddle boats. Everyone who camps with us is entitled to some free use of our boats and they can be rented for $3.00/hour if you want to stay out longer.

Things To Do

Do you have organized activities for children?

Yes, we have activities for children every weekend during July and August.

Do you have organized activities for adults?

Yes, we have activities such as merchandise bingo, card games and horseshoes on select weekends.

Do you have special theme weekends?

Yes, we have at least four special theme weekends; Canada Day, Christmas in July, Natal Day and Halloween on Labour Day weekend.